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Why do you need to protect your digital infrastructure?

Data security solutions

Business leaders see securing enterprise data and communication as critical to brand protection and growth ability. There may be unique reasons that are specific to your industry, but most reasons are universal in the connected world today.

Here are three main motivations for securing your data and communication:

Digital signature software - person writing key numbers

Decrease the risk of attacks and data loss

With PrimeKey products and solutions, you can decrease the risk of anyone attacking your company and accessing sensitive information or data.

PKI deployment & Developing PKI - people working

Secure your assets

Most companies today are dependent on their digital infrastructure. Employees can’t work without it, machines are controlled by it and we rely heavily on the infrastructure for making business run. Therefore, the need for proper protection is critical for most organizations.

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Enable new business

Being able to control precisely who gets access to which data at what time, gives you the possibility for new business solutions. Most companies have valuable information that, if used properly, can benefit their customers and create more revenue.

We safeguard your customer experience

Digitalization is one of the strongest trends in the world today and it brings a vast amount of advantages for individuals as well as the society. Remote regions will have fast 5G connections, healthcare will become more tailored to individual patient needs, on-demand manufacturing will increase efficiency, transport and supply chains will be even safer and with lower the environmental impact. People and cultures will be even more interconnected. In 2025, there will be 10 times more data created or copied than in 2016. It is estimated that by 2035, there will be a trillion IoT (Internet of Things) – a thousand times more than today.

With the benefits of digitalization and sheer volume of data and devices, comes a number of risks due to the characteristics of digital data, since it is easy to transport, replicate and modify. Already today, there are problems with unauthorized data thefts of all kinds, affecting us as citizens, companies, and even countries. This is why cybersecurity is on a lot of minds right now. When dealing with security, it is an absolute requirement to have the ability to decide who is entitled to access a certain asset. Everything else is built on top of this fundamental requirement to secure identities.

To put it simply, PrimeKey sets secure identities for people, computers and things. Based on the secure identities, the information exchange in the digitalized world can be protected by encryption, and digitally signed to assure it has not been modified. This enables services such as secure digital transactions, encrypted data transport and storage, secure software updates. Furthermore, this allows creation of new business models based on secure access to information.

Many computer systems use these technologies today, but the number of machines with intelligence grows with digitalization, and consequently the need for our technology only increases. Any IT solution connected to the Internet must use encryption and signing. If not, it can’t be trusted. This is why PrimeKey is selected by large corporations and governments all over the world to safeguard their customer experience.

Scary stories about those who do not use PrimeKey are becoming increasingly common.

Exposed customers

Hackers gaining access to customers lists, login credentials, etc. and publishing them online…

Factory malfunction

Overrunning communications to machines in factories and causing breakdown…

Installing malware

Disguising malware code in software and stealing credit card information, surveilling users, etc…

Safety breaches

Hacking smart cars and tampering with crucial functionalities, such as brakes…

Causing overload

Using a specific brand of IoT devices to perform DDOS (Distributed Denial of Services) attack…

Privacy breaches

Hacking into IoT devices and watching homes, talking through baby monitors and more…

What we do – selected products


Simply put, EJBCA is a software that issues and manages digital certificates.

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SignServer software is used to digitally sign documents and code.

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PKI Appliance

PKI Appliance is “PKI in a box”, where you get software and hardware in one.

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The PrimeKey SEE, Secure Execution Environment, is a physically and cryptographically secure hardware where you can run your own applications.

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There is a lot of talk about PKI – but what is it?

PKI is short for Public Key Infrastructure. In its simplest form, it is a way to secure communication in an insecure environment (such as the Internet), through knowing the identity of  involved parties and knowing that the message is untampered. By doing this, PKI is the backbone of most IT Security Solutions today. Exactly how this is done is a more complex story.

PKI technology is based on Private and Public Keys. The public key encrypts the message so that it can be safely sent over the Internet. The reciever then decrypts the message with the help of the corresponding private key. So far so good. But how do you know that the keys belong to who you think? That is where you need certificates. Certificates can be simply described as identity cards that are issued by trusted authorities and that ensure that the encrypted messages are sent and received by the correct entities.

At PrimeKey, we are passionate about encryption, certificates, keys and IT Security. If you let us, we could talk about it for hours and let you know more about how it can be used for authentication, how you probably already use it today, how it is a full infrastructure involving software, hardware, policies, etc. We love to share our knowledge. So if you have further questions about the technology involved, see our short films below, read more about our products here on the website or contact us today.

Developing PKI

See our short films about the need for security, PKI found everywhere, and IT security solutions.


Computer hacked

The importance of IT Security

PKI Protecting data

PKI – found in almost all  IT security

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