Introducing our
Management team

Hand picked for their expertise and commitment

Magnus Svenningson


Since 15 years PrimeKey has a global presence in the Cyber security industry, and the need for our products and solutions is growing. We will continue to be a leading supplier in our technical niche as well as a great employer.

Magnus has an extensive experience from leading positions in the IT, Telecoms and Identity management industry. He is a graduated engineer from Lund University.

Admir Abdurahmanovic

VP, Business Development Director

As a co-founder, I am humbled that our company grew from local market focus to become international player in our field. Today, we are dynamic company that delivers mission critical security products to industries and governments.

Admir Abdurahmanovic started working with applied cryptography as a mathematics student in 1989, in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Moving to Sweden, Admir continued working with implementations of crypto algorithms and protocols, specializing in applied PKI (public key infrastructure). A co-founder of PrimeKey, Admir serves as VP at PrimeKey in charge of strategy and business development.

Tomas Gustavsson


PKI is the backbone of Internet security and as such it is imperative for all of us that it is available to everyone who needs it.

Tomas has a Msc from KTH in Stockholm and has been researching and implementing PKI systems since 1994. Project founder and developer of the open source enterprise PKI project EJBCA, contributor to numerous open source projects, member of the board of Open Source Sweden. As a co-founder of PrimeKey, Tomas is passionate about helping users world-wide to the best possible PKI and digital signature solutions.


Erik Elfström


Operating in a very interesting industry with a rapidly growing demand for our products and services, PrimeKey is well-positioned and a very exciting place to be.

Having held various position within different areas of finance and business administration, Erik decided to join PrimeKey as CFO in 2014. Erik holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Economics.

Harry Haramis

General Manager US

With PrimeKey’s leading position in the PKI, Digital Signing, and Secure Execution Security space, it makes me extremely proud to be part of the team.

Harry has almost 30 years of experience in the field of Information Technologies with extensive experience designing and developing state-of-the-art security technology solutions for the most complex and sensitive information systems.  He has worked on projects of all sizes and in all areas of Network & Security infrastructure.  As a proven leader, Harry has led teams of technical engineers to the successful conclusion of countless projects.  He has published several white papers as well as hosted several seminars and presentations.  He holds some of the industry’s highest certifications including CCIE #6772, CCNP, CCNA, CCSE, CISSP, CNE, VCP, and MCSE+I.

Jonatan Bunne

VP Sales

The possibility to work for a rapidly growing Swedish IT development company in an international, and fast paced environment is something that initially was very attractive to me and something that I still truly value at PrimeKey.

Jonatan is head of the PrimeKey sales team and has a degree in electric engineering, but has spent most of his career in technical sales. The sales team at PrimeKey helps enterprises and governments by guiding them to the right solution. This requires technical understanding and the ability to explain and educate.



Magnus Andrén

VP Engineering

By maintaining our technical expertise we aim to continue delivering world class products and services to our customers.

Magnus holds a MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from Linköping University. He joined PrimeKey in 2016 and has a background in Telecom. Magnus has previously worked in different management roles close to software development.

Martin Oczko

Head of Appliance Technologies

With a wide area of expertise and a highly motivated team PrimeKey has an enormous  innovation force.

Martin Oczko has a diploma/master title in computer science and over 10 years experience in IT security. He has been working in different technical and sales positions for globally acting IT security software and hardware vendors before joining PrimeKey in 2012. Since then Martin is heading the operations of PrimeKey Labs GmbH in Germany and is responsible for positioning, development and production of the PKI Appliance and the new PrimeKey SEE product line.