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Why choose PrimeKey?

World-class IT security delivered with passion and expertise.

At PrimeKey, we truly care about what we do. Our passion lies in the art of engineering and we take security very seriously. As a result, we’ve been at the forefront of public key infrastructure (PKI), certificate authority (CA) software and digital signing for two decades.

  • Expertise within PKI and IT Security
  • Our PKI software is Open Source
  • Our products offer flexibility and agility
  • Over 15 years of PKI experience
  • Scale easily as you grow

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The importance of IT security

Hacking and data loss is a clear and present threat today. Have you taken the necessary precautions to ensure that your data is secure?

PKI protecting your data and customers

Without even knowing it, you are probably using PrimeKey PKI technology on a daily basis. 

IT security solutions

IT security doesn't need to be a headache. PrimeKey's process guarantees a bulletproof solution and your peace of mind. 

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Customer stories from PKI and digital signing implementations around the globe


Centralized enrollment and authentication of Microsoft Intune-managed devices

communication tower. cell, radio and television antennas on top

EJBCA Enterprise, Telecom

Powering 5G innovation through security, open standards and flexible integration


SignServer Enterprise, Timestamping

Signicat QTSP uses timestamp server from PrimeKey

Attorneys talking

EJBCA Enterprise, Enterprise, Trust Service Provider

Bundesnotarkammer – Innovation and security in German notaries

DGN Customer Story, PrimeKey

EJBCA Enterprise, Enterprise, Trust Service Provider

Securing and enabling German healthcare


Document signing, EJBCA Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise, Timestamping, Trust Service Provider

The Faroe Islands – Creating a Future-Proof National e-ID


What do you need help with?

There is a wide variety of use cases for PKI, digital signing and cryptography. If you have a specific need, see here for some of PrimeKey's solutions:


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